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Find women's shelters and important facilities in your area.

Free places
for women with children
and without children
Free places
for women
without children
No free

If all the women's shelters are occupied, please contact the Violence against Women helpline on 0800 0116 016 or the women's shelters and advice centers directly.


A warm welcome!

We are here for you – you can count on us.

On this page we like to inform you quick and simple about available places in women's shelters in Rhineland-Palatine. Additionally you will receive information about nearby advisory centers for women and further offers of support in Rhineland-Palatinate.

  • We are listening
  • We offer protection and accommodation for you and you children
  • We respect and understand you
  • We inform about the law concerning protection against violence
  • We accompany you on your way out of violence

This is how can find assistance

  • You can move the mouse directly over the map of Rhineland-Palatinate
  • The coloured symbols on the map represent women's shelters
  • Green indicates available space for women with or without children
  • Yellow indicates that there is space for women without children
  • Red means that the women's shelter is fully occupied

As an alternative it is possible to enter a location or a postal code and to activate a search in the surrounding are to find women's shelter and advisory centres for women.

Note: the respective women's shelter decides about the allocation of available space

Women’s Shelters Rhineland-Palatinate - Links

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Women’s Shelters Rhineland-Palatinate - Hints

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You can erase your traces in the net:

Your Internet-Browser stores information, data and graphics of web-sites visited by you lately. To prevent other persons tracing them you have to deleted the data stored via the settings of you browser.

Mozilla Firefox:
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Microsoft Edge/Google Chrome:
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Women’s Shelters Rhineland-Palatinate - About us

Women’s Shelters Rhineland-Palatinate offer help

There are ways out of violence and prospects for a future without violence.

There are currently 18 women’s shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate, which offer women of 18 years or older and their children affected by violence refuge and support as well as information and advice. Women’s shelters offer anonymousness, security and protection and are geared towards the principle of support to achieve independence (for a description of what is offered by the individual houses click the respective links on the map).

The “Conference of the Women’s Shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate” is a union of all women’s shelters Rhineland-Palatinate and was founded in 1995 at the level of the working staff. Since then we engage successfully at the level of the state as at the federal level aiming at the reduction of violence in close social relations and the improvement of the system of assistance.

The point of view that “who beats has to go”, the possibility, to issue a restriction of against the perpetrator, marks a turning point in dealing with violence against women. The work of women’s shelters thereby did not lose its importance!

Since inhabitants of women’s shelters temporarily moved their live centres into the women’s shelter, many actual developments affect very directly the work of the women’s shelters. First of all the legal Changes in the field of laws concerned with childhood and custody, the right to asylum, the rules for unemployment benefits and social support as well as the health policies.

As Conference of the Women’s Shelters we are closely monitoring these topics and get actively involved in the discussions.

The “Conference of the Women’s Shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate” has established itself as a reliable and competent partner of cooperation at state level and acts as a strong representative for the rights and interests of women who are victims of male violence in close social relationships.

Special Group Children: A women’s shelter is also a children’s shelter

The Special Group Children was founded on the 4th of May 2006. It meets four times a year. Participants of the Special Group are permanent staff members of the women’s shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate, with the focus of work on girls and boys and sometimes also with the mothers. All co-workers posses a professional education or a university degree.

To improve the net-working of the Women’s Shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate concerning children and juveniles and to represent them publicly this Special Group was initiated.

The aims of the work are:

  • Net-working the co-workers concerned with children in the Women’s Shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Regular exchange about the contents when working with children and mothers
  • Further development of the contents of the work
  • Improvement of the standards of work in the Women’s Shelters in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Recognition of the effects of violence in close social relations on children and juveniles and adequate interaction with the affected children and juveniles at all social and political levels